Wall Spikes serves as an effective way of enhancing security of existing wall structures or security fencing. These wall spikes are easy to install and can be made available in a wide range of coatings and design finish so as to suit the specific application needs of the customers. Also known by the name of razor spikes, these can be made available by us in aluminum wire, galvanized steel strip and stainless steel wire form options in weather resistant as well as durable finish.

  • Can deliver spikes on different finish forms including as wall spikes, anti climb spikes, security spikes and bird spikes
  • Can be offered in different colors
  • Spike systems offered are effective solution for enhancing security of existing walls
  • Stainless steel/galvanized anti climb wall spikes that provide for longer usage support
  • Wall spikes are easy to install
  • Strong finish that cannot be broken off wall easily
  • Can be offered in different heights and thicknesses
  • Can be quickly installed on top of existing structures
  • Providing for maximized fence security
  • Can also be made available in different specifications according to customer requirements
  • Designed to follow contours of wall that offers a neat appearance
  • Easy to install and low cost alternative
  • Works as an effective intrusion deterrent
  • For security fencing applications
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