Electric Fencings offered are sourced by us from international JVA brand of Security Electric Fencing Energizers and accessories who are one of the leading international companies engaged in providing electric fencing solutions. Here, we provide our e-services as their Indian distributors, bringing international class products in closer reach of the customers who require securing their surroundings against possible intruders. 

JVA Technologies (Australia/South Africa) has with them over 30 years of experience in understanding the demands of the local and international markets and have developed their electrical fencing products accordingly. Here, the manufacturers ensure the specific needs of world security electric fencing market needs are successfully met with. From domestic requirements to high security installation support, the company offers diverse range of products to pick from.

  • Offers more security in comparison to any other perimeter system
  • Allows for a much stronger demarcation of the property
  • Provides for much needed deterrence as the safe, powerful shock generated works as strong deterrent to intruders
  • Presence of voltage monitor warns fencing monitoring authorities to notice in case any tampering is done with fence
  • Well-erected electric security fence finish that denies easy entry possibilities
  • Fencing system built to work round the clock and can be easily monitored
Some of the possible application areas include:
  • Prisons
  • Airports
  • Power stations
  • Defense facilities
  • Municipalities
  • Safety fence
  • Solar fence
  • Agriculture fence
  • Electric fence
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