Concertina Wire Fencing

Our mission encompasses the need to globally supply our high quality, low cost and effective security products to meet the aggressive challenges of unwanted perimeter intrusion. Our products are engineered for consistency in structure and material composition, and conform to defence, state, and industrial specifications. All the razor wire products are manufactured from exceptionally tough, high quality stainless steel components.

Concertina Razor Blade Wire is manufactured using a Central Core of high Tensile Wire - around which a tape of razor sharp barbs is machine crimped. The resulting razor wire is therefore exceedingly difficult to cut using hand tools. Razor Wire is very strong and reinforced with a steel coil which makes it very hard to bend, while the barbs have a piercing and gripping action.

It's impossible to cut our razor wires and the related products without highly specialized tools. Each of our products is long lasting and provides for an effective barrier, known and trusted by security professionals.

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